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About Us

Hello you two 🙂 We are Stephanie and Jonathan. We are married for two years and love it! If you are looking for a couple to photograph your wedding, you are right here. Currently we are living in Meersburg next to Constance at Lake of Constance. 

Travelling is one thing we really love to do. We love South Africa and Israel. Jonathan even stayed in Israel for four months. About Israel and other countries we have a few travel films and photos at our blog. So if you are marrying in a far country contact us. We would love to be with you there!

Usually we stay with you at your wedding starting at the getting ready until the night. It is important for us to photograph everything as it happens. So you will get authentic and natural photos of your wedding.


About Us

Stephanie Schwalm

My family is one of the most important things in my life. Nothing works without them or my husband. I want them around me all the time and have fun with them. In my free time I love to be photographed and watching Netflix with candlelight. I love to travel and experience new places, cultures and people together with my husband.
We are happy to combine our “work” with travel and meeting new people. 

I love: Travelling, the sea, photographing and talking
I absolutely don´t love:  Cold, rain, messy places

About Us

Jonathan Schwalm

In many things I am totally different than Stephanie. But that´s fine! I love good food but I don´t depend on it. Stephanie depends on good food 😉 
Reading, filming and photographing are the things I love to do. My camera goes with me everywhere and sometimes you can caught me reading. Usually about business related topics or good novels. I love to educate myself and learn new things all the time.  

I love: Travelling, photographing, reading, filming, riding cars
I absolutely don´t love:  lack of a plan, slow cars on the autobahn