Wedding New Palace Meersburg

The Wedding of Dani and Marius at Lake Constance

In August it was finally time!

The wedding of Dani and Marius was finally imminent. For several reasons this was a special wedding for us. On the one hand it was the first wedding in Meersburg after our move to Meersburg. We were able to walk to one of the most beautiful wedding locations on Lake Constance. Otherwise we are often further away.

On the other hand the two are also something very special. Their story is unique and shows very well what everyone can achieve with patience and sacrifice.

Both got to know each other in the USA. The problem: Marius was only there for a short time. Afterwards a wonderful relationship developed even from a distance.

In August the time had come and many guests from the USA and Germany met in the Neues Schloss in Meersburg to celebrate the wedding of Dani and Marius.

During the day everything was just perfect. Just in time fog was disappearing and the view of the lake was clear. Only the alpine panorama we could not enjoy 100%.

On the terrace of the castle lies the lake and Meersburg at one’s feet. Already without wedding it is a really beautiful place.

The wedding ceremony itself took place in the Hall of Mirrors. Especially the appreciation of the different traditions was very special. After the wedding ceremony we went on to the reception on the terrace. Thanks to the parasols and the cold drinks, it was very well endured despite the warmth.

In the evening the dinner and the party took place in the castle. Although the castle is situated in the middle of Meersburg, you can party here until late into the night. That is important with such a location!

We are very much looking forward to the next wonderful wedding in Meersburg. 🙂