Sunrise Ascent Journey Säntis

Beautiful and colourful

In August 2019 the time had finally come. My long planned trip to Säntis could take place. There is always the possibility to walk up the Säntis or to use the train. But in summer there is always something very special. Every Sunday you can book a sunrise trip. Then you can go to the mountain top early in the morning, before sunrise. Included is also a delicious breakfast.

Stephanie didn’t know where she was going until just before the finish. In the morning we had to get up very early, about half past three. Then we set off in complete darkness to Schwägalp, which lies at the foot of the Säntis. It has already a big advantage to be on the road in the middle of the early morning. Between Meersburg and our destination we saw almost no car. During the day this is impossible.

Sunrise Ascent Journey Säntis

When we arrived, we immediately took the cable car up to the top. Down at the valley station it was a bit fresh in the early morning. But when we arrived at the top it was really cold. Up there it is very windy!
But soon it became clear why we wanted to do this sunrise trip. The sun came up, and how! Everything shone in beautiful orange tones. We could not get enough of each other.
From Säntis you can see as far as six countries. Depending on the view, you can see as far as France. In addition, there are of course Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria and Italy.
Up there, we could not only marvel at the sunrise, but also observe ibex.

After the good breakfast with cheese from the Seealpsee we went for a walk and enjoyed the view after sunrise. The mountains were still shining and the view became clearer with every minute.
A few hours later we took the cable car again to Schwägalp. The sunrise ride up the Säntis was definitely worth it. This year we want to go up there again!
And now enjoy the beautiful sunrise pictures. ?