Why book a wedding photographer?

Maybe you’ve asked yourself that question before. Why should we book a wedding photographer for our wedding? What is the point of that? Today almost everyone has a camera. Either almost everyone has very good smartphones that already take pretty good photos. Or they even have an expensive and good camera. So many could take a few photos during the wedding and you collect the photos then. Afterwards you would also have an overview of your wedding. You’ll probably even find some really great photos. Sometimes there are ambitious photographers among your guests.

One or even two professional wedding photographers then really have no sense anymore. At least that’s how it seems. There are more and more bridal couples who think so. But what are the advantages of booking a wedding photographer?
I can think of three important characteristics.

The Motivation.

The wedding photographer is at your wedding for one reason only. You have searched, found and booked the wedding photographer. You chose him. Let him capture the day for you. This is his only and important task. Since he earns his money with it, he is anxious to deliver a good work. Ideally, he does it not only because it is his work, but because he has a heart for it. He loves photography, has high expectations of himself and wants to constantly improve himself. He wants to be a joy to his bridal couples. On the day of the wedding he therefore gives 100 percent.

A photographing guest is at your wedding for some other reason. He was invited by you. Maybe he even knows other guests. That’s why he wants to enjoy the time and celebrate in the evening. Sometimes he also gives 100 percent. During the wedding a photographer has to give his best. Only then does he not miss a moment.

Why should you book a wedding photographer?

The Equipment.

Since the professional wedding photographer depends on good results, he has good cameras and lenses. He also knows how to work with them. He knows how to use his equipment in bad light and is prepared for it. In addition, he is well prepared for a possible breakdown by using several cameras and lenses.

A photographing guest is usually not prepared for all extreme situations. In churches it is often a bit dark and especially in the evening the light situation is challenging. Especially in these situations the expensive and high-quality equipment is worthwhile. However, this does not mean that this equipment is always important. Good photos are not only taken with expensive equipment.

The Experience.

Wedding photographers have experienced several weddings, many hundreds. They experience new things to react to during every wedding. This increases their experience and they are much better prepared for your wedding. So many things happen that wedding photographers should not be distracted by. Often they have to follow rules and regulations. They want to keep their good reputation and so they pay attention to these rules. Especially in churches it is important to act discreetly and with respect.

Unfortunately, inexperienced wedding photographers often do not pay attention to these rules. In the worst case they will distract you as the bridal couple. They then draw all the attention to themselves. Maybe they’ll knock over your decorations. Yes, this happened before. 
Wedding photographers use their experience to your advantage. They can help you with many questions and recommendations. Especially questions about a suitable daily routine often arise.

Why should you book a wedding photographer?

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Some of your guests or friends may have at least one of these characteristics.
Photographing a wedding, however, is a challenging task. A wedding photographer needs a combination of motivation, skill, experience and equipment. Only then will your wedding be captured with emotional and authentic photos.

It is worthwhile to book a wedding photographer.

You’re not just investing in a wedding photographer, you’re investing in your future. The photos capture your memories of your wedding for you. This has a value that no one can really quantify. However, it is always worth looking at the photos anew and reliving the moments again. If you want this, you should book a wedding photographer.